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A comprehensive guide to development terms, actors and initiatives in Afghanistan, the government, and a contacts directory


Politics and Governance in Afghanistan: the Case of Nangarhar Province

This paper seeks to explore regional political dynamics and governance being undertaken by the Afghanistan Research and ... Read More


"From Bad They Made It Worse" The concentration of opium poppy in areas of conflict in the provinces of Helmand and Nangarhar

Levels of drug crop cultivation have long been seen as an indicator of the success or failure of counternarcotics effort... Read More


Roundtable Discussion on “Afghanistan’s Electoral Experiences” was organized by AREU on Wednesday 7th May 2014.

For Afghanistan, to have a Constitution, is itself an achievement. Afghanistan has had several Constitution’s in the pas... Read More


The A to Z Guide to Assistance in Afghanistan 2014-Twelfth Edition

The twelfth edition of the A to Z Guide is now available. The guide provides an extensive glossary of assistance terms, ... Read More


The unseen role of women in Afghan Communities: A Journey through Jalalabad

Maryam Safi

Women in Afghan communities play a very important role in social, economic, political and cultural aspects of the life but this role is often unseen or not considering very important because women rarely appear in public spheres. In Afghan communities especially in the rural areas people says, women are not involved in economic aspects but in reality, women are having a very important but unseen role in the market or economic life. If we search about the role of women in the market, we find that women involved in farming, storing, preparing or making of items but those are selling by men. The issue came into my attention when I traveled to one of the provinces of Afghanistan to do research for Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) as part of Secure Livelihood Research Consortium (SLRC) with special focus on role of women in economic life.


Roundtable: Adjudicating Election Complaints: Afghanistan and the Perils of Unconstitutionalism...

Roundtable: Adjudicating Election Complaints: Afghanistan and the Perils of Unconstitutionalism...

Press Briefing: How do social protection and labour programmes contribute to social inclusion in Afghanistan...

Workshop: National Dissemination Workshop...