• Hard copy of the English edition now available!

    The eleventh edition of the A to Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance is now available in hard print from our office.
    Only a limited number of copies will be printed this year, so stop by to pick up your copy or place your order with publications@areu.org.af. 

  • Land, People, and the State in Afghanistan: 2002-2012

    This case study carefully documents the changes in land relations and land governance since the signing of the Bonn Agreement in December 2001.

  • Little bit poppy-free, little bit eradicated

    This new case study focuses on individual household decision-making and the economic, social, and political contexts in which those decisions are made, placing opium poppy cultivation in the broader livelihoods, governance, and political contexts. 

  • All Bets are Off! 

    The issue of illicit drug production has largely fallen off the policy agenda in Afghanistan. This Case Study explains why it can't afford to not be a priority. 


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A comprehensive guide to development terms, actors and initiatives in Afghanistan, the government, and a contacts directory


Adjudicating Election Complaints: Afghanistan and the Perils of Unconstitutionalism

The Constitution of Afghanistan guarantees the rights of its citizens to elect and be elected, and provides for the esta... Read More


Governance in Afghanistan An Introduction

Afghanistan is not new to governance reform. But the establishment of a sound system of public administration is a long-... Read More


Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Regional Trade in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan’s turn to market economy after the US invasion in 2001, the private sector, 85 percent of it made up of S... Read More


Water rights and conflict resolution processes in Afghanistan: The case of the Sar-i-Pul sub-basin

Over the past decade, research in Afghanistan has paid a great deal of attention to justice and dispute resolution proce... Read More


Don’t underestimate the power of blue fingers

Wamiqullah Mumtaz

Hopes of democracyincreased when people enormously participated in 2014 presidential election.The process was almost peaceful and security was tight. Slap of people onface of armed opposition. The election process was completely Afghanize.


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